Our Firm


starts with the knowledge that every aspect of your life influences your financial future.  Whether your concern is retirement, college expense, business holdings, taxes, rental income, divorce, bankruptcy, or other - we have the experience and have done the research to help you succeed.

Wealth is PUZZLING.  You have a choice of how to spend every DOLLAR that you earn.  A little invested timely will help pay rewards in the future if invested properly.  TIME is very important.  We recommend a BALANCED approach to life and a BALANCED approach to your Financial Planning.


We use Nobel winning techniques to reduce risk and help improve your rate of return.  You need your investments to be working as hard as possible but with minimum risk.  With the increased life expectancies, you need your investments to GROW.  You need to understand the impact your investments have on Risk Management, Estate Planning, and Taxes.



By using Risk Management and Estate Planning tools, you can protect your assets in order to take care of you and your family.  These areas are quite often the greatest overlooked areas of one's life.  Most believe they can wait until the last minute to manage their Risk and plan their Estate.  Let us help you to understand the proper use of Risk Management and Estate Planning tools - to help maximize your investments and minimize your taxes AND to properly take care of your family.



  Do you pay more taxes than you should?

Have you ever added up all the taxes you pay?  Between Income, Social Security, Sales, Property, Gas and MANY, MANY other taxes - your total outlay for taxes could be 40% OR MORE of your income.  What are some of the Federal & State outlays that are driving your taxes?  Of the Federal outlays approximately 2/3rds are for social programs.

There are ways to reduce your taxes - we can help you by minimizing the impact of your Investments, Risk Management & Estate Planning on your taxes.



it is all about minimizing the negatives and maximizing the good areas to properly take care of you.  This allows you to maintain your standard of living and enjoy your life.